Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Another day of exploring

Today hubby and I made the short trip to Mesquite Nevada just about a half hour's drive that goes through the corner of Arizona then into Nevada. So we went through 3 states. We discovered a fun Virgin Valley History Museum that we explored in Mesquite.

Down through the Virgin River Gorge with rain clouds in the distance.

Here's the museum, it was originally a library then a hospital.
History of telephones that I can remember from my youth that are gone.
A complex movie film projector for a local theatre.
Click to enlarge and read the movie titles.
An old slot machine, called a one arm bandit
Medicine bottles used by the only nurse in town.
Horse saddles and other faming equipment, they grew cotton here.
More cowboy stuff, note the eye goggles for horses on upper right.
It's an old outhouse, necessary in olden times.
This is a two seater like my mom had in Silver City, Utah
My grandma Johnson had a washer like this in 1940s.
Look at the new frog in the corner and the old stove-all modern then.
A windup record player that still works-amazing!
Electric record player portable-I had one like this.


  1. those phones. Just last week I wondered if I could have one that has the separate ear piece. My Kentucky relatives had 2 seaters. Used to freak me out.

  2. Some great finds, Lin. We will be in Nevada this summer, probably spending the night in Lake Havasu City.

  3. I remember our party telephone line...