Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Searching for ANCESTORS again

James M. Johnson's baby dg's grave
Genealogy has probably been my longest hobby outlasting even my love of dancing since my body aged faster than my interest in movement. But family history can be done at any age and especially at the computer. I have to stand in awe at being able to sit at my computer and access books, research materials without leaving my house. In the old days, I had to get a baby sitter, travel to a location then look in a card catalog, find a microfilm or book then sit down and search through it. Now my computer can do that while I sit and watch. A fun site is findagrave.com with photos of headstones and other info.

I love ancestry.com and familysearch.org two of the best sites for finding your ROOTS. I have uploaded most of my research of the past 55 years on those locations along with photos and stories that I've gathered. So that is part of the LEGACY I'm leaving my family to know more about their ancestors' lives. It's fascinating to find new relatives and your genealogy is NEVER DONE. Right now I'm researching a great grand uncle-my mom's grandfather's brother James Madison Johnson and found out he fought and died in the CIVIL WAR in 1865 with the Ohio military forces as did his brother who also was killed. Their brother Wm. Marion Johnson stay ed a home to care for their widowed mother in Millcreek Williams County, Ohio What sadness that must have been for that family. There are many stories that died with the people involved.

Where are your ancestors from and what do you know about them? Would you like to know more?


Linda Reeder said...

Tom has spent years researching our families too. He uses the same tools that you do, and has just upgraded his Legacy program. He's excited about what new things he can do.

Deanie Humphrys-Dunne said...

I imagine it's very interesting researching ancestry. We'd like to look into it further sometime. Best wishes and Happy New Year.