Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Another day, another challenge

Today was my one month appointment followup with my retina eye specialist. Though the shots or injections I got last time really helped restore my eyesight, yet I felt apprehensive to return for more shots. My eye is healing well but still need monthly shots.

Courage is part of aging, I've decided. The oft repeated slogan "Old age isn't for sissies" takes on new meaning at this stage of my life. So I'm thinking more about COURAGE these days. How it's based on HOPE and FAITH. Each day requires a certain amount of courage to go forth and face new challenges whatever your age is.

What challenges are YOU facing now in your life?


  1. Challenges I'm facing? Hmmm. Guess I hadn't thought of challenges as such. Motivating myself to go to exercise class in a couple of hours,...that's a bit of a challenge, but I'll do it! Hope your eye appointment goes well.

  2. Just returned from the doctor this morning and all systems are go, with a minor adjustment to my thyroid medication. I'm very blessed. No health challenges at the moment, except for some minor allergies. No complaint.

  3. This month I have appointments with an audiologist to have my hearing tested ( hearing is declining and I'm pretty sure I have tinnitus) , an optometrist to see if I need new glasses (I do!), and a cardiology tech for a echocardiogram to see if my aortic valve stenosis is progressing (progress here is not a good thing).
    Such fun getting older.