Monday, January 25, 2016

A New Week AHEAD...

Amazing how each day offers new opportunities to learn, to love, to serve and to grow in wisdom. None of us know how much time we have left on earth so it's important to ENJOY each day and not just get through it. I love journaling and then reading back over what I learned through the days, weeks, months and years of my long life. This year I will turn 76, and now that's beginning to sound old as my first son will turn 50 next month.

All any of us can do is our best with each day as it presents itself, looking for those opportunities to cheer others on whether it be a friend, family member or neighbor or even a facebook friend. What a time to live in, I'm AMAZED each day by the miracles of technology that we now take for granted: calculators, colored TVs, digital camera and of course the INTERNET the source of all! Also the source of misinformation, but a vehicle for communication with others. I've now been blogging for almost eight years. A great way of JOURNALING.

Can you list in a comment things we take for granted now that we didn't have when you were a child? How about online dating services?


  1. I guess it would be my cell phone, as the changes in phone service in my lifetime has been amazing.

  2. While I don't yet take it for granted, my smart phone. This amazing little device knows everything!
    The first phone we had was a wall crank phone, on a party line, and our ring was two shorts and a long.