Saturday, August 22, 2015

DAY FOUR-to Juneau-capital of Alaska

We left two weeks ago from Seattle on our cruise, here's more photos from our trip! Lots of memories to share through the photos we took. The trip was to celebrate my 75th birthday!

Here was our group the day we left from Seattle cruising to Alasak.
Leaving Ketchikan and heading to Juneau, Alaska
Travel by float plane is popular in Alaska
Cruise ships galore at every port during this summer tourist season.
Boats of all sizes use these waters for pleasure and work.
Home on the water with a boat plane for transportation.
Heading to Juneua over night.
Green lushness and coolness everywhere.
Lots of lovely berries and green plants grow everywhere. 
Contemplating the beauties of this remote area of the United States
Low clouds cover mountain forests in every direction.
Another towel animal from our steward.

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Linda Reeder said...

It's looking kind of chilly, considering how hot is was down here at that time.