Monday, January 5, 2015

Time MOVES On...

Whether you are ready or not...
the New Year begins, I'm trying
to recover my health and energy
go forward or at least hold my place.

Progress sometimes is just surviving
as my first cold in years continues
to attack my take energy
just to keep food prepared then consumed.

But I can do it. I've had more difficult
challenges than this. Love napping more
without guilt, having time to read books
that have stacked up waiting for me.

I lost a couple of weeks during the holidays,
now it's time to put away the decorations
look forward to more winter before spring
returns in a few months. Life is good!


Linda Reeder said...

Those weren't "lost" weeks, they were just differently lived. Hope you feel better soon, and your energy returns. Remember to do something FUN!

Linda Kay said...

Bummer, that cold has you in it's grasp. Get well soon!

Kay said...

I need my naps these days.