Thursday, January 8, 2015

Caryn's BACK!

My snowbird friend Caryn is back in town for fun and shopping!
We went to the St. George Art Museum's exhibit of wedding gowns 
Wedding fashions starting in the early 1860s up to modern times

Note the details on this wedding dress

Memories captured from years ago

Special  bridal shoes and attire for the groom too.

A very modest wedding gown

Looking like the 1920s now

Gowns are getting more daring
A pink wedding gown is attractive


  1. Welcome back Caryn! This looks like such a great museum. I suppose Art might not put it at #1 on his list, but I would LOVE to see it. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos, Lin!

  2. Oh, good. You always have fun when Caryn is in town! And we get to share the fun.

  3. Yes! Caryn's back! Tell her she needs to do some writing and share it. Those wedding gowns are gorgeous. I love checking out needlework when I'm at a museum.

  4. Oh yippee, Caryn is in town. As Linda already said, you both have such fun together and we get to share in in here.

    What a lovely display of wedding attire. Such intricate details and beauty.

    I must admit I really liked that 1920's wedding dress!

    My huggy greetings to Caryn -- she was one of my inspirations through all the lovely comments when I first started blogging. Both you, Lin, and Caryn.

    Have fun.....

  5. It sounds like a fun day out. We have tons of snowbirds that arrive here and I get to meet up with them on Weds again for a Bible Study!