Wednesday, July 30, 2014


What patience my hubby has as he un-peels not sticking paint.
Progress comes in small steps
by not giving up...continuing.
Learning to control self,
making mistakes, starting over.

Talk about labor intensive removing four layers of white paint
Time to report on projects begun,
learned from though...not completed.
Removing four layers of paint
on the boat because it won't stick.

You can do it, keep trying palm tree!
Watching the palm tree grow more
fronds reaching ever higher skyward,
tomato plants struggling,,,still alive
producing a small handful of fruit.

Weeks and months for a few homegrown tomatoes!
Failure's not stopping...pushing forward
ever forward. Looking back to learn,
not to sink into despair or self pity.
You're alive, tomorrow's promise awaits.

To be continued, not the end...


  1. I think in all your comments about what progression is, to me the best is the reporting back/in...It helps move me along!

  2. That tomato plant reminds me of the time I've spent trying to grow tomatoes here in Texas. I've given up, and now just stop at one of the many roadside stands to get those lovely tomatoes. Indeed, tomorrow is full of promise.

  3. Oh no! Poor hubby. what a frustration.

  4. Oh I am sorry to hear this. What a painstaking job for your dear hubby.

    I've heard stories that paint is made differently these days so it doesn't do the job properly anymore. This looks like one of those cases?

    Hopefully there is something that will work.

    Wishing him Grace....