Friday, May 16, 2014

Tripping Through Utah

Welcome to Zion Park-land of exceptional natural beauty...
Mixture of red and white rock of various  hues is amazing!
This tunnel was blasted through solid rock, nowadays it's just one way traffic
Windows into the tunnel where cars used to be able to stop and look out!
In busy times of year, it can be quite a wait to go through one way.
It's dark and cool inside, today's cars and RVs don't fit for two way traffic.
Checkerboard Mesa is on the other side of the Zion tunnel.

Don 't you just love the green with the red rock beauty!
A smaller tunnel on the way to Bryce Canyon-fun to drive through/
Sturdy trees grow out of solid rock with little soil or moisture...

On our way to Escalante, fabulous landscapes in every direction 
The vastness is amazing-so much space and so few people
We just drove by Bryce Canyon but you can see the colors here.


  1. finally got to see this park about 15 years ago or so. it was lovely. funny story. once, either before or after his mission, Robert promised to take me but then ended taking the trip with a bunch of other girls...not nice!

  2. Thanks Lin,
    I love Zion's. I took my sister on a horseback tour through the park. it was a thrill.

  3. Ahhh... You're taking me back to our vacation last year. I sure did LOVE seeing all those canyons national parks. Zion and especially Bryce were just amazing!