Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Privacy Wall

Starting at the corner, the wall is going up four blocks higher...
Heavy manual work-glad we can hire it done by experienced workmen 
Soon we won't be able to see into our neighbors yard and windows
Notice our dying tree in the corner and the cropped oleander bushes
It's so nice to  have privacy and not be looking into our neighbor's windows
Privacy on all sides, now for some new landscaping in the near future!


  1. Privacy is important to me too. I love your wall, what a great idea.

  2. The wall is very nicely done! I can understand why you wanted this.

  3. It's odd that the developer didn't plan the houses so that you would not be looking into one another's windows. Our side yards are such that there are no windows on the house so nothing to see. The windows are in the front and back. Neighbors can see into our front windows as there are no fences in front, but in the back, we have wooden fences surrounding our yards.