Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day (continued)

Families come in many different shapes and models as shown!
Daniel the chef holds Eddie enjoying the feast while James+Nathan watch
Grandpa in the corner, Rachel, Jeff and Lorien enjoy cheese cake desserts
Tina-mother of the twins: Heather and Emilee like the desserts
Emilee and James made mother's day cards for all moms! This is mine!

Free entertainment as Emilee helps James play a tune...
Soon Eddie the youngest grandchild is playing a tune or trying too...

Look at those serious expressions, Eddie is even turning the pages of music
Future concert pianists? Only time will tell. 
Grandma watches in amazement as Eddie plays the piano pedals underneath


Linda Reeder said...

It looks like you and a lot of fun and a lot of good food with your beautiful family.

mom/caryn said...

Starting with the bottom pic, its hilarious... laying on his tummy pushing the soft pedal. It's rare kid hat isn't fascinated with a piano. Glad you had a good trip, Lin, You're family is heading in the direction you've been praying for. I'm tickled.