Saturday, May 3, 2014


Before-dead oleander bushes that were trimmed  to 1 foot height to regrow.
We gave them time, but they haven't grown any green shoots so...
Ground crew replacing dead oleanders with climbing honeysuckle vines.
Note the bush on the far left is trimmed and starting to regrow-hurrah!

Our very decorative Palmetto palm died and needs trimming.
Now it will begin again from the base to grow. Note-a lost daffodil!
A day of trimming for hubby with lots of suckers growing on our Ash tree 
This yucca plant needs a haircut and room to grow and green out.
After the haircut and with a new juniper neighbor to talk to....

We ordered a new Live Oak Tree as the old one died.
The grass is green but many plants have died as the landscapers work.
Momma hummingbird report-still sitting on those two eggs!
We're hoping our palm tree makes it-looking promising!
You can see the dead palm fronds behind the hummingbird nest.
Before-a bunch of dead plants soon to be replaced by new plants.
After, with the addition of a juniper and a red yucca-given time they'll grow.
Still waiting for some plants to regrow, then there's the back yard!!


  1. You lost a lot of plants! Are you replacing them with things that can handle the harsh conditions?

  2. Your yard looks gorgeous, Lin! What a shame that you lost so many plants this winter. I hope it doesn't happen again.

  3. I love honeysuckle! Actually I love just about any green thing that grows. I hope your new plants/shrubs/trees flourish!