Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Fun at Hatches the day before Mother's Day

Grandpa teaches the boys: l-r James and Nathan how to play chess
James the french toast cook with help from Daddy Daniel
It's pizza time with Tina, Emilee and Daniel in the kitchen
stuffed pizza-yum and salad!
Let's eat Grandma without a comma…lol!
Twins choral concert was beautiful and touching...
Kerilyn is their director with Emilee on left and Heather on the right

Emilee is sitting because of a healing broken foot
James on the right is in the younger choir, he loves music
cute kid with a cute smile!
Payson Utah temple is almost complete
Utah Valley with snow and rain storms this weekend


mom/caryn said...

I don't know why I don't read your blog more often. I enjoy it so much when I do. I just stepped out of the 'Blogoshpere" never to return, I guess. This is fun. Good to see Allen doing the grandpa schtick coaching the lil guys. And good to see someone other than Dan has his kids in the kitchen with him. that looks like one of those "Chicago stuffed" pizzas from Papa Murpheys. A favorite!! Love the yard with the wall...
I guess I didn't reaize that the girls were vocalists. Do they sing in church or with other groups as well?

Kathryn Elizabeth Jones said...

Looks like you had a fun Mother's Day!