Saturday, May 24, 2014

Final Shopping Trip?

Soon time to say goodbye to my snowbird friend as Caryn heads north for the summer. Sounds like a good idea to me as I can feel the summer heat in the wings waiting to enter any day now.

Being silly at Roberts Craft store-I bought  some house decor for summer.
How true is that, your closest friend knows you better than your mom does.
She's crazy and fun to be around...who wouldn't want her for a friend?
I went Christmas shopping early, Caryn's carrying all my bags! 
Off to my favorite Southwestern store in Santa Clara to window shop!
Southwestern sconces or light covers-would love to have some,  one day. 
Love all the colors and patterns in one room-almost makes you dizzy!
I could spend days looking and taking photos here. 
Love the wood and pottery. Although my house is filled says hubby!
I like the Mexican rugs hanging on the walls for color...
Lots of pots for planting flowers or just placing in your house or yard.
Sun and sunflowers are my favorites...going to miss my shopping partner.


Linda Reeder said...

Good bye Caryn. Enjoy your cooler summer.

Sandy Carlson said...

What fun! I love your adventures with Caryn. I feel good from Conneticut!