Sunday, May 18, 2014

Anasazi Museum in Boulder Utah

Displays about the Anasazi Indians in this area of Utah
I'm always fascinated by their history and how they just disappeared. 
Intricate designs show pride in their craftsmanship for items used daily.
Click to enlarge the historical map
Reconstructive kiva dwelling  
How they survived and their daily patterns is fascinating

Pottery shards tell a story 
Reconstructing a pot from archeological digs is intricate
What a process...
It was a many days long labors to create just one pot
Having studied pottery, I know the efforts involved from start to finish
Neighboring settlements 

Many villages were burned before they moved on
Different patterns used in decorating their pottery
Arrowhead display intrigues my hubby
Outdoor digs and reconstruction displays show where the village was
Information about pithouses
Reconstructed pithouse used for religious ceremonies
Trying to understand their past from examining their ruins 
A replica of what their dwelling might have looked like
Small doorway about 5 ft tall, they weren't very large in stature
Fascinating roof structure
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  1. This museum looks fascinating. I especially enjoy displays of early handcrafts. Your B&B choice is a beauty!

  2. We spent three weeks traveling in the southwest the year after I retired. It was a wonderful trip, hitting every National Park and National Monument and National Historic Site along our circuitous route from Las Vegas to Denver. So seeing your posts brings it all back to the front of my mind. These are places everyone should visit. Such grandeur and history!

  3. I've always found the Anasazi so very interesting. I remember seeing places they lived in New Mexico when we visited.