Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Italian Indexing FHE

Our local LDS Family History Center had an Italian Indexing night
where families were invited to come and learn about this program.

I was invited as one of many indexers locally to  demonstrate how we index
information from digitized birth records from Italy 1785-1910. This is what
the record looks like, then we type in names, dates and places.
I've enjoyed doing this work since last January and have indexed
over 16,000 names since I started. About 2 batches a day.
All of this info is available free at www.familysearch.org for everyone
use in tracing their genealogy-it's pretty amazing and part of our church's
mission to "turn the hearts of the children to their fathers..."

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  1. we index from our home. Robert loves to do the French. I wish I could do the Polish!