Tuesday, February 4, 2014

FEBRUARY is here!


we celebrate love and romance
time to retell stories of meeting,
falling in love, perhaps marrying 
or drifting away separately

myriad poems, songs and stories
fill our lives with impossible dreams
childish expectations
unrealistic hopes that one day...

love is more complex.
not a simple scenario
boy meets girl, falls in love, 
sometimes marries

living happily every after 
follows only in story books 
where expectations are easier 
to fulfill––reality is different

years together can bring 
new problems, conflicts
communication issues
few couples survive

those who learn the secret 
of loving unconditionally
dropping expectations, become
 grateful for love that will grow

Valentines Day returns
a time to give thanks
for companions who remain faithful
with commitment, honor and love

1 comment:

Jean said...

I love February! It signals longer hours of daylight and warmer temperatures. Even a heavy snow melts rather quickly. Spring is just around the corner in Maine!