Saturday, February 15, 2014

A continuing DIALOGUE within

Somedays the dialogue within is enough to bring craziness
          see, I told you, you have no talent as a writer or
          no one comes to the classes you organize or
          why even try, just give up and do nothing

Then something happens to prove all that idle chatter is wrong
         congratulations, five of your eight poems were selected
         by Mesquite artists as inspiration for their art works or
         I really enjoy your classes and your poems are excellent

Which voices do you listen to, usually it's the negative ones
that are the loudest and most believable...unfortunately
not sure why it is, but compliments seem too difficult to believe
while criticisms must be TRUE because they exist...right?


Rambling Woods said...

Oh too much negative in my head this week...hug

Linda Reeder said...

Many of us are our own most severe critics. If we can please ourselves, we've got it made.

Millie said...

I learned to brush off those negative talks off me when I hear them. I learned to believe in me and to do what is right and good for me. Your doing great, keep up the good work.

Sandy Carlson said...

Negative voices are the problems that need solving. Sometimes we need a break from solving problems to bask in what is beautiful and good.