Saturday, February 2, 2013

Where's JANUARY gone?

LIFE is what happens are making OTHER plans.
My January disappeared, although I do remember cold weather,
little or NO snow, windy, chilly and definitely INDOOR time.
I've rediscovered my ART interests with SoulCollage, Zentangle
and art journaling. Been reading tons of books about art therapy.
My hubby keeps saying it will SOON be spring but that's cause
the seasons seem to change so fast when you are older and retired.
What did January bring to you in the way of new awarenesses
or experiences? Any resolutions still floating around? LOL!


SandyCarlson said...

Time sure does move! It's nice to share your blog and see what kinds of great things fill your days.

Cheryl said...

January was cold and snowy but the ground is now bare. And the month brought the happy news of our daughter's engagement to a most wonderful young man...and has given me so much to look forward to...February will bring an engagement party!

Kathryn Elizabeth Jones said...

I am still exercizing with wii Dance and working on two books that will see the light of day this year.