Friday, February 15, 2013


Doing too much, begins with staying YES to ALL opportunities
until it isn't fun any more just TIRING...exhausted is what I'm feeling.
Not bored, but OVERWHELMED with all I put on my plate each day.
I need a personal secretary to organize my schedule with DOWN TIME.

Moments to just STOP and smell the roses or watch the birds fly by.
Time will mean more if I can SLOW IT DOWN and enjoy it more.
So tonight I have three+ activity CHOICES: go to open poetry reading 
or a religion class or sit on the couch with hubby and watch games.

Since it's Valentines Day, I'll stay close to home at the computer
trying to UNWIND with some journal writing or blogging or just
surfing the INTERNET to see what's happening in the world; then I'll
go to bed early and hope to wake up to a new day REFRESHED.


  1. Yes...I think I work too much, I need some me time but I also need to find it. Maybe I can add it to my goal list this year?

  2. I feel that way too sometimes. That's why I ran away yesterday.

  3. I understand exactly what you're talking about...finding time. Sitting on the couch with hubby and watching games sounds good, a really fine way to un-wind.

    I came by to say hi and to wish you a great Weekend.