Monday, December 3, 2012


Ever feel like this? Frustrated––stopped for the moment.
A HEAD COLD can do that to you as you can't breathe easily,
sneezes rule your life, tissues must be kept on hand
for blowing the nose, and sleep isn't POSSIBLE at night.
 Welcome to my world as I'm SUFFERING to get rid of 
a sore throat and head cold caught during Thanksgiving
from a grandchild. I used to get sick after every visit.
But lately I've felt IMMUNE, and haven't had a cold for years.
Well, SURPRISE––that mistaken belief caught up with me.
Now when I finally beat these cold germs, I can be ME again.
Healthy, well and full of energy and not just LETHARGIC,
wanting to nap and withdraw from the world to recover.


Linda Reeder said...

Those germy kids. We caught colds after being with our kids too. Mine was very mild, but Tom suffered like you.
Get well soon!

Jean said...

The important thing to remember is.. The children did not intend to pass their colds on to those they love. No way. Not ever. Sorry for that!

Kavita Saharia said...

Getting cold is good , it updates our immunity. Get well soon.

SandyCarlson said...

Kids do that to us! I hope you feel better soon.