Friday, December 14, 2012

Soul Collage® Class

I signed up for an interesting class at the AHA!-Artful Healing Academy
that just opened up in town with directors: Cindy Cox and Pat Major.
I always enjoy new ideas and participating in creative art activities.
Here are some Soul Collage® cards we made at a workshop with Pat.
(Click to make images taken from magazines larger.)

The cards are about 5 inches by 8 inches in size, made of cardstock.
I found myself drawn to words as well as images that I organized
and pasted together after cutting or tearing. After making the cards
we discussed why we selected the images we did and made 

lists of words that appealed to us as viewed our own images.
Then we looked at other participants cards and added words
to their list of words which opened up new ideas for me.
I can use these cards or this idea for writing/poetry prompts.

The ideas of these cards can be used in therapy or self help
sessions to expand awareness of emotions and ideas that
float around in our subconscious mind and heart. It's quite
a New-Age type process with the cards that I don't understand
yet or believe in, but I enjoyed the hands on art experience.

An interesting activity that my friend Caryn and I are exploring
together. The first five cards I made in Saturday's class and the last 
five cards were made on Wednesday while looking through
old magazines and just generally relaxing/talking at my place.

Do these cards open up any ideas to you for writing?


  1. Love this creative side of yours.Have a lovely weekend.

  2. They do. Your cards tell me to relax and let myself enjoy images for what they are.

  3. The class sounds awesome and I so enjoy reading of all you do and participate in...wished there were programs/classes like these here where I live.

  4. I love it that you're able to enjoy this creative time with Caryn again.