Thursday, October 4, 2012

Visiting Salt Lake City

Main Street in Salt Lake City, heading to City Creek new mall
Building where my son Jeff works at his new job
Trak trains make Main Street busy these days
We found it-the outdoor mall with a retractable roof
It has a street bridge over Main Street to connect parts of the mall

The original ZCMI store front has been replicated, but it's Macy's now

Lovely outdoor strolling places along City Creek
High rise condos are on the NW corner overlooking Temple Square
Fountains dancing everywhere, lots of new stores.

Free entertainment, lights at night 
Love the sound of rushing waters
More foundations lead you to Temple Square entrance

Above the trees stands the towers of the Mormon temple
built in 1893. My husband and I were married there in 1993.
Looking South down Main Street at Wells Fargo skyscraper
Salt Lake City Mormon Temple at night-Main Street


  1. so is ZCMI not there? not the building even?

  2. Looks like they've made major improvements near the temple since I was there. Cool.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the fountains at City Creek. Thanks for sharing the photos.