Thursday, October 11, 2012


Lately I've been focused on doing genealogical research on some brick walls in my ancestry-see medium mauve areas above top right that are blank. Branches of my family tree or pedigree where I've been stopped for decades. Realizing with the passage of time, more than five decades I've been searching for my family that now there is more available on the Internet. I posted these photos on FIND A GRAVE that I got from a professional researcher I hired years ago in Williams County, Ohio. Check out this free helpful website for deaths in United States. Not all graves are there, but many are and it can be very helpful in tracing your family tree. I'm also teaching people how to make fan on chart above to see my nine generations of ancestors, some lines continue on back.
Olive Branch Cemetery in Williams County, Ohio

My Johnson family ancestors are buried here
Orville Johnson, father of my great grandpa Wm. Marion Johnson Sr.
Madison Johnson, brother of  Wm. Marion Johnson Sr.
Olive Branch Church near the cemetery
Orville and Hannah Johnson's home in Mill Creek, Ohio


SandyCarlson said...

I admire your tenacity!n I love that you get results and that the Internet is a useful tool.

Linda Reeder said...

Now that all of the programs are restored on our new computer, tom has been spending time on genealogy again too. He also has some brick walls.