Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall is here! Time for camping?

 Visiting Kirkham's Outdoor Supply store in Salt Lake City

 This is the size tent my hubby is interested in, easy to put up-
fits up to three people and you can stand upright in it

 It's small enough to fit in that bag on the left by the door

 Another tent is huge, made of canvas it's waterproof

 A small tent will fit in hubby's 14 ft boat so he can camp out

 A small potty will go along for Lake Powell trips

 Then, of course, you need a table to cook and eat on

 This comes with a table top and storage places

A camp stove he already has, but this looks like fun

 Old fashioned thermos. There's lots to take-food, water, 
gasoline, tent, sleeping bag, mat, chair, table, potty, etc.

 And of course, a tilly hat-he already has one

These air mattresses inflate themselves, as for me I'll be at home
comfy in my bed with air conditioning, indoor plumbing, etc.
I'm too old for this kind of thing, but it's just the kind of adventure
my younger (retired too long and getting ancy) husband needs, if
he can all fit it all in his small wooden boat-still being built!


Terri Tiffany said...

I used to love camping and still enjoy looking at the supplies. But like you, I need indoor plumbing and a nice bed! Hope he enjoys!

Linda Reeder said...

We used to go tent camping. I loved it when we were younger. Not now.
Now our kids still go camping, like we taught them.