Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Do you ever notice how life has little patterns that repeat themselves quite regularly...mostly bad habits that plague your quest for happiness. Where is the self control and discipline to just change yourself? I know from vast experience that it's easier to change me than you.

Habits are many times an easier way out of a situation than trying to solve what changes you personally need to make for improvement. Today I'm forcing, yes making, myself clear off my cluttered desk. Stacks to be sorted later are being examined and garbage thrown out.

I also need to do this with my mind, though it's easier with papers. What is working and what is totally ineffective? How can I change my unproductive habits? Prayer helps, writing about the consequences of my misbehavior, but nothing will happen till I CHANGE ME!

ACT DON'T REACT-maybe I should put that sign on my frig...lol.


  1. I just need DON'T EAT on my fridge!

  2. I've got some habits of my own that need some serious changing. Your post reminds me I'm not alone. Thanks for you.