Saturday, October 6, 2012

Article #215 Final Graduation

            In my church group of retired individuals, many times we laughingly refer to ourselves as being in God’s waiting room. What are we doing? Just waiting, enduring to the end-until the final graduation or the completion of our learning for this life. Although I know many in this world who don’t believe that there is anything after death, too many cultures and religions in the world have sought to give meaning to this existence and the next with their traditions and beliefs.
             Ancient petroglyphs and pictographs preserved on rock walls are thought by some archeologists to be symbols that were used to teach younger tribal members about the purpose of life, where they came from and where they will go after this earth life.  (Wikipedia) Native Americans have strong beliefs that their ancestors after death are not far away and continue to guide family members throughout their journey on earth.

             In Christian cultures, sometimes this role is referred to as guardian angels. I like this concept. It gives new meaning for me to the final graduation. After death, I can continue in another sphere and have opportunities to watch over and guide my relatives left behind. It makes sense that having lived a long life and gained wisdom the hard way that death is not the end of my existence. The idea of continuing on and being able to influence my family indirectly is appealing.
             I believe that the essence that is ME––my personality or spirit continues when I leave my physical body and belongings behind. The only thing I can take with me is my knowledge, and wisdom gained from experiences I’ve had. What a grand reunion I look forward to with my departed loved ones after graduating. Though I’m not eager to leave my living family, it gives me a sense of peace to have a belief in what comes next after the final graduation. I don’t need to be perfect then, but just to have tried my best with all the trials and circumstances that came my way. I leave a legacy by how I live my life now, especially as I get older.
            Taking time to write your life story before your final graduation can help you realize the growth you have made and help prepare you for the final graduation. It’s also an opportunity to leave advice for your loved ones and express your love for them. NEXT TIME: Caregiving Challenges

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Kay said...

I've worked so hard in preserving the life stories of my family, but haven't worked on ours so much yet. This will have to be my next project.