Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I just recently bought this book from Amazon.com and I'm loving it. I'm convinced that too many of us hide our feelings; don't express them. This limits our growth and happiness as an individual and as family members. For some reason, I've always been interested in the study of Psychology and minored in it in college. I almost went for Masters in Social Work. but instead became a dance teacher. What a difference you say-not really helping others to express themselves through modern or creative dance gave me opportunities to develop myself and others' self esteem and confidence.

Later as my body aged, I could no longer teach or dance, but I've found fulfillment in writing and teaching creativity. So this book and the author's techniques for ART JOURNALING caught my eye. I'm enjoying exploring some aspects of my quiet personality that still need expressing. Growing up shy and self conscious, dancing helped me find parts of my personality to express. My life's experiences with the death of my father, divorce and other disappointments almost squelched my HOPE within. But always my FAITH and BELIEFS in God's plan for His children and realizing their potential has kept me going.

One activity I enjoy from my new book is answering the question: What do you feel right now? Then write down any words that come. I wrote HOPEFUL, then these words came: happy, peaceful, excited, trusting, expecting, calm, and prayerful. Usually I would have written LONELY, but I think I'm moving into a new phase of my life.

How about you? Willing to try this exercise? Leave your response in a comment. Buy the book, it's great. LIVING WITH FEELING: The Art of Emotional Expression by Lucia Capacchione, Phd.


  1. Someone told me I show my feelings on my face very clearly all the time. I'd be a very poor card player.

  2. antsy, bugged, aggitated, perplexed, .... obviously not my best day. Try me again tomorrow

  3. Oh, I need this book! Thanks for your insight.

    Right now....relieved, peaceful, hopeful.

  4. ok...new day...today i feel rested, looking forward to root canal and taking care of my godparents (can't find one word to cover that), and grateful for a car that gets at least 46 mpg. Had a lovely dinner with friends last night two who had moved away, one who had gone away, and 2 who are my levelers.

  5. yesterday- malcontent; today-content, relaxed, anticipatory, happy to be back in my quiet, peaceful, air conditioned home.

  6. In answer to that question, let's see... I feel content, tired in body, happy to be working on some writing projects this week, peaceful.

    Thanks for the glimpse in that book you bought, Lin!