Friday, August 31, 2012

Article #210 Health Challenges

          It seems some of the challenges that come with aging are changes in your physical body. Suddenly you aren’t as agile, flexible or have the endurance of your earlier years. Just reaching down to pick up a piece of litter can entail at trip to the chiropractor’s office or worse. What an adjustment, in many senses of the word. You feel the same age inside, but your outside physical body has gone through unexpected mutations.
            Wrinkles replace smooth youthful skin, bulges of fat deposits appear in strange places on your formerly trim body. It’s time to face the realities of aging and take action to preserve what you do have left in the way of joints that still work, etc. Time to start or continue a regular exercise program of some type.
            Explorers throughout recorded time have been searching for the Fountain of Youth that would magically restore the looks you used to enjoy and take for granted. That fantasy doesn’t exist. It’s time to take stock of your physical condition and do what you can to slow down the effects of aging. Losing weight, exercising and healthy eating are principles to build upon instead of some magic pill or elixir that promises to restore youthful energy and looks to your middle aged or elderly frame. A positive attitude can help immensely. Just take a look in the mirror at yourself and instead of frowning or critically judging what you see, be amazed and accept the you that has survived all the health and other challenges that life has thrown your way.
            I remember an optimistic individual, Camilla Kimball, who said in her biography that if she lived to be 70 years of age, she wouldn’t worry about her weight but would enjoy a piece of pie without guilt. Most women and many men are constantly yo-yo dieting as the pounds lost only reappear once the weight watching or increased exercise decreases. If your goal is better health for your aging body then you’ll probably be more successful by making proper diet and exercise a habitual health challenge for your life.
            I’ve always thought all grandmas were naturally plump with a smile on their face as they baked innumerable chocolate chip cookies for their appreciative grandchildren. Now I am the plump one. Take time to write in your journal your goals for your physical health, then do something about it. I am! NEXT TIME: Emotional Health

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