Thursday, August 23, 2012

Article #209 Morning Walks

            There’s something about arising before the sun, slipping into something comfortable to go walking outside, that starts your day off right. Especially in summer when I tend to hide inside by my computer in an air conditioned office most of the day working on writing projects. It’s too hot later in the day to enjoy being outside, but between 6 to 7 am the temperatures are deliciously cool and the neighborhood is so peaceful. I do meet a few other early morning walkers most with their dog/s and a plastic bag to take care of any important business.

            Morning walks are a time to clear my mind, reflect on life, meditate and receive inspiration and ideas for the day ahead. I don’t plug myself into tapes of talks or music because I want to tune in and commune with my Creator. It’s one of the few times of the day when I’m alone with time to think, plan or just relax and breathe in the fresh morning air. If you’re missing this opportunity to walk daily, it’s not too late to start.

            I see older individuals with canes and even walkers slowly progressing down the sidewalk giving themself the gift of continuing mobility or recovery from whatever ailment has visited recently. If physical disabilities limit your walking, at least go and sit on your porch and breathe deeply, clearing your mind of distractions and focus on journaling or meditating––whatever fills your well. Even casual weeding or walking on a treadmill  or using an exercise bike on your porch would be helpful to your health.

            So what if you’re not a morning person? Is it possible to walk outside in the evening after the sun goes down? No-generally it’s still too hot. I know some seniors who like to walk in air-conditioned or heated malls during bad weather. Another exercise that is gentle on an aging body, but full of benefits is water aerobics or water yoga. Being in a pool lessens the stress on body’s joints and gives you a gentle workout. What if you don’t like how you look in a swimsuit? Get over it. If you live in a retirement community, you’ll probably find people of all ages and shapes enjoying physical exercise and the accompanying health benefits. It’s not too late to do something today. Maybe your pet is just waiting for you to take them on a walk!


  1. Good for you, Lin. I'm not a morning person and getting up to walk outside would be very difficult. My treadmill makes it possible to walk at a time comfortable for me.

    You are right about the importance of keeping moving. We just have to find a time and activity that works for each of us.

  2. I think morning walkers are kindred spirits. I know many, and all are happy to smile and nod and respect the other's quiet. Very nice. You say it all so well.

  3. If I do a morning walk, it is after the sun comes up in the summer. I stay up too late to be walking at 6AM! But I have either been walking or pedaling my stationary bike each morning lately.

  4. I'm not a morning person, I'm afraid. I prefer walking in the evening. I'm hearing more and more people doing water aerobics and even water tai chi. That was a surprise.