Thursday, August 2, 2012

Article #207 Connecting

To connect is to interact, link up or make a psychological or emotional association with someone or something. That’s probably the reason we marry, to feel connected. For those who are widowed, divorced or never married, that need still exists. That’s where family can be a blessing in your life. Associating with relatives can sometimes be challenging, but is so important to everyone’s well being. Close friends can be like family.

 In the good old days, families were more dependent on each other for sustenance and even survival. Every hand was needed to eke out a living or take care of the farm and each other. Mom was there 24/7, making her fulltime job taking care of the family with the support and assistance of the husband. Nowadays this is considered old fashioned or not possible as both spouses often need to work outside the home just to survive economically which makes it difficult for single parents of both sexes.

 We’ve lost something in the process…the stability and closeness of the family unit. Connections! Some children are almost raised in day care centers. Women are frazzled with trying to meet both the demands of their family and their jobs. Everyone is trying to survive the pressures of modern life. Many couples have decided not to have children or marry because of the costs and difficulties involved.

Perhaps the most important connection we’ve lost is with ourselves-our dreams and goals in the busy-ness of life and its pressures. Making time for self just doesn’t happen. It’s not selfish, but necessary to make one's own health emotionally, physically, socially, intellectually and spiritually a priority. You can’t help or serve others IF your well is empty. Take time to connect with yourself each day or life will soon be over, and all that you will have accomplished is exhaustion while ignoring your own potential.

A good beginning could be to start or continue a personal journal where you record how you feel about your life daily, not just a list of your accomplishments.  But I hear you say I don’t have time for that. Are you saying My own health and well being isn’t worth taking time from my busy life to do this for me. Just 10 minutes at the beginning of your day can make such a difference in how you connect with yourself, before you reach out to others.  NEXT TIME: Personal Journals


SandyCarlson said...

I hear you on this one! The Internet and all the stuff it makes possible can be overwhelming. I think taking on one of every social media outlet would be like going to Home Depot and buying one of everything because it's there. And then walking around all day with your tool belt on. We need to slow it down....

Kay said...

I used to write in my journal regularly, but lately blogging has taken over that role which is great, but then... there's something about having it down on paper too that is important in its own right too.