Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A new month...

On to a healthier happier me-HAPPY AUGUST to you too!
Don't you like new beginnings, each day is one,
each month also-a time to start over again with
new resolutions, goals and focus for our lives.
I'm working this month on some health issues:
mainly losing weight and exercising more.

Nothing could be more important for me to do
as it's part of my total well being and lifestyle.
So I'm trying to eat better, keep track of food
eaten with Weight Watchers online help. Adding
more exercise to each day and starting a new
creative art journal to deal with emotional issues
that can and do influence my life style. 


Linda Reeder said...

New Month's resolutions? Good luck to you Lin. Your health is very important. I keep working each day to maintain mine too.

SandyCarlson said...

You and me, Lin! Working on that weight loss thing. The fun part is looking at what I do and identifying the easy stuff to do! The hard part is the exercise!

Kay said...

Since I'm probably going to that class reunion, I'm thinking I'd like to tone down my weight a bit this month... if I can.