Saturday, May 5, 2012

Make time to REST

I barely survived APRIL...too much going on. To regurgitate:
Youth Poetry Contest-206 entries to judge, program to organize
with my Poetry in Action group that performed for the winners
as I gathered prizes and handed them out to winning participants,
Spring vacation with Dan's family, twin grand daughters visit here,
trip to Arizona for Jeff's graduation, poetry conference in SLC,
classes I tried to organize-write your life story and slimmer you-
no students came, a gazillion meetings attended including Zion
Park to take over Poetry in the Park for next year, saying goodbye
to friend Caryn and getting a few last Artist's Dates in, shopping
together, visiting and just hanging out. Numerous family birthdays-
Brook, James and hubby, starting new church calling as family
history missionary. It was way too busy. Now the challenge is to
slow down and do less, but enjoy it more. Have started a water
aerobics class-love sunbathing afterwards. How's your life going?


  1. busyness is good business.

  2. You had a busy month, to be sure. Your passion for life and for keeping the story warm my heart.