Friday, December 30, 2011

To Resolve or NOT to Resolve

I'm one for self improvement, always trying to change for the better. So as a NEW YEAR approaches I'm contemplating whether to resolve or not to resolve and just continue on in the same old manner...It should be an easy decision, just pick out some easy resolutions you say...hey there are few easy ones, but here goes:

1. I will continue to try to "act and not react" which is my normal first response.
2. I will try NOT to take things personally even if it seems they are meant that way.
3. I will focus more on better DIET, EXERCISE and taking care of my health.
4. I will feed myself SPIRITUALLY daily and check in more often for guidance from above.
5. CHERISH each day as a GIFT and look for HAPPY moments.

That sounds good. How about you? What are your resolutions or thoughts?


  1. I resolved last year to take care of my health be losing weight and seeking treatment for various sources of pain. I ended up healing myself. I will continue in that resolve.

  2. Diet and exercise has always been on my list every year. Sighhhhh....

  3. dieting....not taking things personally sounds like something I need to do...