Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December is half over

And another year is almost gone...
Doesn't that amaze you and point to
how important each moment is...
Part of our life never to return again.

Enjoying partying with my two friends Mary and Caryn
They even helped with the cleanup and dishes.
We had a potluck dinner, then talked for hours.

Our spouses talked about preparedness and politics,
we talked about the gospel and human relationships.
Fun evening socializing and feasting, just relaxing.


  1. good times with good friends and family are the best.

  2. Good friends are gems! You have many.

  3. Time moves so quickly. Thanks for these photos that give pause to stop and enjoy the moment.

  4. Aw!! Don't say can't be half over! :)

  5. With festivities in the air it is the perfect way to spend some great time with friends.

  6. that's why we blog...and make into hard copies...that's how we relive each year, each event...and you do it all so well.

  7. It looks like a great time with all your commonalities...