Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Countdown to Christmas

Poets from our local group the Dixie Chapter of the Utah State Poetry Society: 1st row-Barbara, Marilyn, 2nd row-Lin, Gary, Kate, Markay and Marleen. Others not shown: Alma, LaVerna, Nad, and Marie. We all had poems selected to be in Panorama 2011-a statewide publication. There is a total of 61 poets from throughout the state of Utah with poetry in this year's anthology and 11 or about 1/6 are from our area. Pretty good representation-it's a talented group of individuals. We meet twice a month for a lesson on poetry and critiques to improve our poems. An invaluable and creative resource in my life as a poet and writer. Barbara and I are co-presidents of the organization.

Yearly UTSPS publication

Giving my first solo poetry reading

Display of classes for Zion's Healing Arts Center

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  1. My niece just got engaged and she met him at a poetry reading..They both have degrees in English literature from Vassar...but it isn't the most useful degree for getting a job and they struggle..but now they can struggle together...