Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Cheer

Expectations and disappointments seem to be part of holidays.
Wanting to have a total family reunion isn't always possible
in these days of distance and divided interests for most families
plus costs and concerns of travel during dangerous wintery times.

Thankfully with today's technology, we can still make contact
through cell phones, letters, skype and exchange holiday greetings.
This will be the first time without any grandchildren around
in the immediate vicinity, but they are still in my thoughts.

My friend Caryn, her hubby and mine will be together this year,
sharing a quiet Christmas Eve dinner and a lovely brunch today.
Lamenting that we have chosen to be snowless desert dwellers
in winter and have family members too far away to come and visit.

But the weather will improve and there will be more opportunities
to gather for hopefully spring break or summer family reunions.
Gone are the days of sharing the same nest as it has emptied,
the moment to moment responsibilities are history of long ago.

Beautiful Christmas flowers from my husband brighten our table.


  1. We have managed to spend every Christmas--so far--with grandchildren. I don't know what we would do without them.

    I'm glad you had a lovely day. Merry Christmas.

  2. Merry Christmas, Lin! I am sorry you could not have a big family gathering today, but I am glad, with you, that the technology can go some to close the distance. God bless.

  3. Technology is a boon when it is not possible for each member of the family to be present for the celebrations.I am glad that you had a great day.

  4. Such beautiful photos, Lin! You all look wonderful. It's great to be able to have Christmas dinner with such a good friend. Please send my holiday greetings to Caryn.

  5. Thanks so much to you and Allen... for Christmas Eve dinner in your home, and for sharing brunch Christmas Day with us in ours. It was all mighty tasty...such fun, and made the holidays less lonely for Wayne and me. I love you, Dear Lin. You are a joy and a blessing in my life!

  6. I think it's lovely that you four got to spend the holiday together. It's true that it's hard for people to always get together.....I see you had a Merry Christmas...

  7. Good friends can be counted as family. so glad you have friends to share the holiday with.