Friday, December 16, 2011

Chaos, Order and Change

Empty bedroom, old worn out carpet

Filling up the living room with bedroom furniture

A bed in the dining room? Why not...

For our Christmas gift to each other this year, we had new carpeting installed in our bedroom and walk in closet. How fun you say but it's been lots of hard work moving everything out of our bedroom and closet to nearby rooms-COMPLETE CHAOS was the result. But then when we returned everything back into our newly carpeted bedroom-ORDER returned. CHANGE happened!
Moving everything out enabled us to clear out cobwebs and vacuum where we could never reach, now there is an added blessing of CLEANLINESS with the order. Above how it looked before I had some brown touches-new lamp shades, a basket in the corner and pillows from the living room to the bed to make the rug match better. Fun to decorate without moving...

Next we will be replacing our wornout carpeting in the computer room. But not till we rest up from this adventure. The carpet people said they would move all the furniture out and back for us for about $45 but dear hubby decided he would save us the money and do it all himself. Now he is tired and I'm tired from helping him. One person can't move a queen sized mattress alone even with a dolly-ME! Next time I think we'll use help to move all our desks from the computer room-not to mention heavy books. Maybe next year...but that's not far away...


  1. Your "new" bedroom looks beautiful! I know what hard work and stress are involved, though, in getting from start to finish. The worst part is having the furniture from the emptied room creating clutter over the entire house. Drives me nuts!

  2. That is a lot of work! But I agree, getting every corner clean is a bonus. I do think I'd pay the $45 next time.

  3. That is a lot of work, but it looks beautiful Lin..we need new carpeting, but I am sensitive to a lot of chemicals they use so I would have to take that into consideration too...

  4. This looks really, really lovely!!! Great job, Lin!

  5. I love the sheen your bed quilt coverlet has! Are those REAL plants? Nice room. Restful. The design over the bed..what is that made of? I also love the effect of the tall twigs in the large vase in the corner. You are talented in interior decorating, yes! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the new make over of your bedroom .I loved that pot in the corner ,it looks lovely .I am in between some heavy duty home makeover myself .