Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Changing Moods

The holidays certainly bring lots of opportunities for
mood changes...expectations vs. reality traps many of us.
To react or to act is the question-this year I chose to act
to do something different, to spend the holiday with "just hubby."

Free from problems of snowy or icy roads while traveling,
peace and quiet in familiar surrounding. Though I missed
interacting with loved ones, I was with my "one and only."
Time open to choose what to do or not to do, and no stress.

Extended families can be filled with miscommunications,
no matter the age of the individuals involved. It's not easy
to interact as a brother, sister, parent, grandparent or in laws.
Sometimes space can bring healing and less problems.

Meet Smiley-my gift to me. I connect with his changing positions.
He sits next to my makeup table so while I'm putting myself together,
we smile at each other...lol! A great way to start the day.
Read this article for some good advice for your future self.


  1. that was a lovely post and I bet you both were content. I always remember a saying I saw in a flea market..."Home is where you hang your heart amoung your loved ones".

  2. Smiley is a great character.
    There can be a lot of stress at holiday times. It sounds like you were happy with your choice of a simpler Christmas.

  3. Smiley's the dude! He's fun.

    Your post made me think of the times when my family was huge and we all got together for Christmas, come what may. Somehow, the idea that "your cousin has her own family now" became a good reason to not get together. With growth comes a fragmentation, I suppose. It leaves me sad, though.

  4. Great post, Lin! Actually, new years is pretty intense over here so the stress is not over. I could use a Smiley.