Saturday, February 5, 2011

Poem Published

For some reason my writing has been guided to poetry from prose or mostly family history topics. I have now self published two books of poetry or free verse: Voices from the Desert, and Nature Notes for Kids. I've challenged myself to keep submitting my poems to competitions even though last year as a new member of the Utah State Poetry Society I submitted 14 poems to their competition and won NOTHING...not even an honorable mention. But I've kept working on my poetry and it is improving. Just got notified that my poem below will be published in our local Dixie State College's literary magazine Southern Quill. I've reworked this poem, submitted it numerous times and finally it will be published. HURRAH!


Gazing at mesa top ruins
blanketed with deserted dwellings,
a rich history speaks to us.

Carefully inscribed petroglyphs,
and primitive pictographs
painted eons ago
decorate crimson canyon walls.

Revealing a story of
an ancient way of life
preserved for future generations.

We remember the silent past
not forgotten but gently
recorded in primitive symbols.

Secrets etched on weathered surfaces
are buffeted by wind and rain,
as the years unfold to our day.

Mysteries lost to understanding,
quiet voices from the kiva
waiting and whispering
sacred truths to our spirits,
reminding us
of ageless
Anasazi traditions.

I do teach a twice/month poetry Writer's WORDshop classes where we are working on a program of original poems entittled Voices of Women. It was going to be a program for our church's women's organization but will also be performed locally in the community at an outdoor amphitheater called Tuacahn on April 30th. It will be warm here by then. (See the photo below of our small stage.) I also just purchased a portable mike system to use in teaching and performing when needed. Another opportunity coming up in March is to teach poetry to some elementary students in their classroom and organize a competition and performance for them to read their poems or free verses on the topic "I can be..." with a performance or readings on April 2nd at Tuacahn.


Jean said...

That's a good poem, Lin. It deserves to be published. Congratulations!

Linda said...


Jocelyn Christensen said...

That's wonderful! Congratulations!

SandyCarlson said...

Congratulations, Lin! That is just great. I enjoyed this poem very much.

Kay said...

This is lovely, Lin. I like this very much.

Rambling Woods said...

Lin..I am trying to keep up in my reader, but can't do all the comments yet. I so admire your determination and the way you keep at something until you succeed. It is an inspiration to me...hugs.. Michelle