Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nothing planned today

for my blog-that is...but I shall be going on another Artist's Date with my friend Caryn-photos coming tomorrow. She's reminding me that she and her husband Wayne are half way through their winter stay in town as they plan to return to their home in Fairview at the end of April. So it's time to play more, shop more, talk more and just generally enjoy our time together. So much nicer than trying to communicate through emails, calls or letters. We all need a FRIEND.


How fun to have a BUDDY around to enjoy.
Thanks for being there to listen and to CARE,
to make the time pass faster as we EXPLORE,
to take an interest in anything I want to SHARE.

I remember my teen years when I'd talk for hours
with a dear friend daily. We never ran out of things
to say, so it is with you my FRIEND each time
we meet we could talk FOREVER and never stop ever.

How safe and secure to TRUST someone so much,
to know they believe in your goodness and ignore
your faults. A CHEERLEADER for all times and places.
As we are together, may we always cherish these days.


Millie said...

I have had so many friends and I know so many people throughout my life, but I have never had a buddy (a true friend). I must admit that I have never found this true unique soul.

Linda Reeder said...

I don't have that special friend either, just my husband. It's wonderful that you do.

Kay said...

You are so fortunate, Lin. From reading Caryn's blog a long while ago, I know what a beautiful, sincere, fantastic person she is. You are lucky to have each other.

SandyCarlson said...

This post is a beautiful tribute to friendship.

mom/caryn said...

Okay... so this just made me cry.
As much as I miss the Hollow... I have LOVED every minute here. I shall miss our face to face time. sob...sigh... Thank you, Lin.