Monday, February 21, 2011

Macro Moments

I belong to a local camera club and we are learning about macro photos; and I'm not talking of mac and cheese. lol! But up close and personal photos...looking closer at the beauty in our universe. Things that we miss because of our hurry-ness or busy-ness. The petals in my Valentine flower from my sweetie-above, and shapes of leaves-below, etc. taken last Nov. There is much to see if we will but SLOW DOWN and LOOK.


  1. My comment wouldn't take so I am trying again! Your pictures are wonderful--better than I ever got to when I tried.
    Also remember that many authors get hundreds of rejectons before being accepted:)) Keep at it!

  2. Macros are so much fun. Yours are great.
    I like taking close ups and then cropping them down even more. If you always use high resolution, you can crop down to fine details. Fun.

  3. These are really great shots, Lin!

  4. These are gorgeous, Lin. My camera is so tempermental that I'm having a hard time getting good macros. I love yours.