Sunday, February 27, 2011

Learning to Speak Out

I just taught a class at the FH Expo this past weekend to genealogists about LEARNING TO SPEAK OUT when instructing a FAMILY HISTORY class or interacting one on one sharing your heritage. It's something we all need to do. We discussed body language, communications skills and being organized with your teaching materials. I only had 17 students all adults so it was fun to get a lively conversation going on the topic. I broke them into small groups to discuss how they were going to improve their teaching then they shared with the whole group their ideas. It turned out really well, and was fun to teach and interact with interested enthusiastic students. I went to lots of interesting classes also-that was my pay for teaching, a free ticket worth $65 to the two day conference.


Mare said...

Lifelong learners are rarely bored. I also love to discover new things. Congrats on your teaching endeavor.

Linda Reeder said...

"Learning to speak out" is not a class I would need. I would be better served by "Learning to keep your mouth shut"!
I'm glad the class went well for you and you had a good time.

SandyCarlson said...

Sounds exciting. Your love of life and respect for it come through in all you do.