Sunday, February 20, 2011

Being an Influence

Sometimes you don't get full credit for your ideas or endeavors but just have to be content to be an influence on others. For several years (since 2004), I've been trying to get an article published I wrote after meeting and interviewing a modern dance pioneer and teacher from BYU who taught in 1929-1937. Aline Coleman will be 100 years old this coming July, she is a distinguished alumni who I feel needs to be recognized. Now residing in an assisted care center in Salt Lake City, I've interviewed her several times and submitted an article on her to local newspapers and to the BYU's alumni magazine. Surely BYU would be interested, but they weren't.

Now through some intervention with a retiring dance faculty member at BYU who is writing a history of dance at the college, the magazine is assigning ONE OF THEIR WRITERS to interview Aline and they will publish an article on her next July. FINALLY. I'm happy but DISAPPOINTED they didn't want MY article. But MY time with Aline was not wasted, she is a sweet person who is now like FAMILY almost. I have had several fun visits at her apt in SLC. I'm thrilled that her life and contributions to BYU will be recognized during her lifetime. (Photo of Aline and me above.)

The other situation involves my plans for starting a YOUTH POETRY CELEBRATION and CONTEST. I got the bright idea to do it for NATIONAL POETRY MONTH in April but didn't realize I would need the approval of the Washington County School District's superintendent before sending out any notices to local students. Well it's taken me two full weeks of constant efforts-calls, emails and nagging to get their attention. I was just about to give up, when I got a call last Friday saying it was approved by the supt. and would be coordinated by their Gifted and Talented program coordinator plus all their students will be allowed to participate. So this should be interesting and a new project for me in terms of scope and possible effect on my community. Wish me luck! Here's a poster I designed to publicize our efforts.

I also suggested a name for a new poetry magazine "Utah Voices" and it was accepted. Cool, huh?

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Mare said...

Very cool!! Persistance is certainly one of your many positive qualities. Busy people are never bored. Good for you getting kids actively involved in writing poetry.
On a different note, I find it quite annoying that the 99 year old dancer's story wasn't something that was immediately snatched up. You should send it in to 'Ellen'. She appreciates humanity stories.