Monday, February 28, 2011

Another setback...

Well, I got my THIRD rejection letter for my completed manuscript "Family Home Evenings for Empty Nesters and Singles." I wrote it last October and have been waiting around to see if any local LDS publishers would pick it up and they declined politely. So now I guess I'll self publish and try to MARKET it myself...not an easy task, but sometimes necessary. When you go to bookstores notice all the books that are for sale: both fiction and non-fiction. I have now tried to market THREE books: "Looking Back...At the Good Old Days"-a collection of my weekly columns, "Nature Notes for Kids"-a collection of original poetry and now this new book. I've learned a lot writing them but it would be nice to write something that was successful.

I have another idea rolling around in my mind for a new book about finding your voice through writing your life history or some title like that from my continuing columns. Seems I'm always writing something though lately it's been mostly poetry. There are always more books waiting to be written. The big push nowadays is e-books and trying to sell online which I've tried with little success. But I will try, try again...

I was just thinking how funny it is that there is very seldom a personal letter in my mailbox written by an actual person. Most of my mail these days is e-mails of which I get many on my computer each day and hundreds during the course of a month. Especially with FACEBOOK as I'm notified whenever anyone else comments on one of my friend's posts. I think I now have over 600 e-mails in my IN box. It's a constant battle to keep them read, answered or deleted.


  1. I am so sorry about your rejection. The market is fickle and could already be flooded with your kind of book or there might not be a market for it. It is so hard to tell but if you feel you can market it then you should:))

  2. So what is your mailing address anyway? My thumb is getting better....

  3. I was talking to an author last month and he told me it's a really tight, difficult market right now. Good luck, Lin...

  4. Lin,
    Chin up! Self publish. You know what is important. The self-publishers do, too. It will get out there.

    Just thinking of what you say about keeping up with email. I am so glad I ditched Facebook in favor of the rare and lovely letter via email.

  5. Sorry about your book Lin. I am one who will resist the e-book or whatever its called. I do enjoy sitting down with a book and turning the pages. My husband and I were discussing the new books and how they even have children's books, will children grow up not enjoying the feel of a real book? I so loved snuggling with my three children and reading to them each night.

  6. Oh dear...but I admire that you don't give up .. hugs..Michelle