Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another play day...

Retirement is a well kept secret that always seems to be far ahead in the future, but it eventually comes. A time when you are no longer needed as a parent to care for your dependent children 24/7 or work at an occupation. A time to pursue hobbies and new interests, if your health allows.
We started out our day together with a discussion of "Abundance"-a chapter in Julia Cameron's book Artist's Way-which is a class we are both taking for the second time around. How fun to talk for two hours about life and its blessings as well as its challenges. Notice the lovely roses Caryn's husband Wayne gave her for Valentine's day.

Shopping at Dirt Cheap for some metal flower sculptures that won't die in the heat. We also shopped at our favorite haunt the Outlets Mall for jewelry and scarves.

Then it was time for lunch at Red Lobster-I had seafood stuffed flounder, rice and a salad plus their great cheese biscuits. Caryn had coconut shrimp.

We live in the Mohave Desert and it's so warm here in the winter.
The weather was sunny and bright with temps in the mid 50s.

We finished the day off at Munechies with yogurt and fruit.
Another fun day building memories and having fun.


Jean said...

You two know how to have fun!

Millie said...

I am also enjoying my retirement. After standing on my feet up to 10 hours a day, 6 days a week doing hair, I am so grateful I can lay on my recliner and no one has to tell me my 30 minutes of lunch is over. Enjoy Lin...reirement is a gift after all the work we did when we were younger.

SandyCarlson said...

I love when you share your adventures. What fun. What friendship. The idea of heat that flowers could die in is something I am trying to imagine. It's good to reach! Thanks for sharing this joy.

Kay said...

It's so terrific that you're having all this special time together!

Mare said...

I would like to sign up for your adventures. They always seem like such fun!