Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Reaching out, the playful baby
discovers his little foot.
What a curiosity,
somehow it is connected
to ten wiggly little toes.
Squeals of laughter erupt,
he has found a new toy
as his small world expands.

As adults we have lost our wonder
and excitement about this life.
Trapped by deadly routines,
we plod through each day.
Always looking forward
to something better,
which will surely come.
Won't it?


  1. I think I'll go wiggle my toes abit... and loosen up from the plodding routines!

  2. In life we all have to live in our own little world full of hopes, dreams and a wiggle or two of our feet, in order to survive our earthly exsistence. Laugh, Live & Love.

  3. The children shall lead the way! Thank God for that. Beautiful, joyful. Thanks, Lin.

  4. I must say that I still see the fun in observing and doing things that most adults wouldn' smelling the roses outside a public restaurant!!

  5. I try to notice little things during the day...but we do lose that real sense of wonder that children have I think...