Friday, October 29, 2010

Article #122 Remarriage

After two divorces in my life, I began to wonder “Would I want to try again?” But then I had a kind religious leader tell me “The third time could be the charm.” His mom had been divorced twice and with the third attempt, it worked. Not that I wanted to risk my fragile ego again. But within a few months of my divorce, I found myself back at the Special Interest dances. “Oh no” you say, and I would have to agree. But my primal urge of seeking for the “happy ending” to my life got the best of me. (By now I only had my youngest son about age 9 at home-see photo.)

Wouldn’t you know that fate smiled on me and I meet a wonderful man newly divorced. He had been left with their four daughters when his estranged wife opted to explore a new life alone. One night I noticed a tall fellow on the sidelines standing among the other reluctant bachelors at a dance in Provo, Utah. I managed to move closer and started up a conversation as we watched a Country Western line dance participated in by the over 40 year old singles. I suggested I could teach him how to do it because he told me he couldn’t dance. After all, I have a Masters degree in dancing. We socialized the rest of the evening as I tried unsuccessfully to teach him.

Come to find out he shared the same first name as my former spouse, I asked him if he had a middle name, then promptly began calling him by that name. He was an engineer working for the Forest Service in NM and had come to my area for the weekend to visit a daughter who was attending BYU. It was just a few months after both of our divorces. (I know the self help books suggest healing first from a divorce before starting any new relationship, but here we were.)

Our long distance courtship took place on the weekends, with my new boy friend either driving up (12 hours) or flying from Phoenix (after a 3 hr drive one way from NM.) We found comfort and companionship is our new relationship. Dating for nine months, we were married in Salt Lake City. (Photo above of my sons on the day we were married.) Now we have 21 grandchildren all together and are enjoying our retirement together after 17 years of successful marriage. I finally found my Prince Charming who thought he was just a frog.


  1. Excellent.

    After 1 failed marriage, I don't know if I would like to try it again. But only the Lord can make that happen. I am so happy for you Lin.

  2. What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing. You have beautiful sons.

  3. You have the handsomest sons around, Lin. I just LOVE your happy ending. I'm glad you never give up on anything. What a journey you've been on.

  4. Lin..I am my husband's third wife for almost 28 years...third time is the charm.....well...I hope to stay at number two

  5. I asked Wayne if he believed he was my Prince Charming. All he had to say for himself was... and this is a direct quote,

    hmmmmm... guess there was no magic in my kiss.

  6. Happy endings are much better!! Good for you!

  7. Lin, I certainly enjoyed your Happy Ending story! Wishing you many more wonderful years together.
    As the saying goes "good things come to those who wait"!