Thursday, September 16, 2010

One and Only YOU

by Michael McLean

"There is a place here that only YOU can fill
And this empty space awaits the magic YOU instill
For YOUr warm embrace does what nothing else can do
YOU’re second to none because YOU’re the one and only YOU."

"Something was missing until YOU came along
And someone’s been wishing YOU would fill their heart with song
For no other melody can touch them like YOU do
Their song goes unsung if not for the one and only YOU."

"So don’t waste your energy chasing some destiny
YOU were not sent here to claim
That isn’t the reason YOU came and YOU know that it’s true.
YOU cannot truly be anything else
So reach for the best in YOUrself
YOU’re more than a miracle
YOU’re the original YOU."

"And if YOU should wonder if this could be the truth
The hearts you have lifted up
Are more than living proof
And if you are listening a message is coming through
With thanks from above, and love for the one
And only YOU
For not other melody can touch us like you do
And this song is sung, with love for the one and only YOU."

I love the lyrics to this song by a popular LDS musician which praises each of us and our uniqueness. Yet so many of us try to be different, to compete, to become like others rather than become the very best person we can be.


  1. What lovely lyrics. The message is so very true.

  2. oh that is so true. why do people feel they have to compete. I just had a calling (release tomorrow)and I know that I ended up being thorn in the prez's side. Not cuz I did anything, but because I have done it all. I'm old. I've served everywhere And I try to do my best...why suddenly does that make me a threat? but it did...and it was best for her for me to be released.

    We humans are so strange.

  3. I like the 'You're the original YOU'