Monday, September 20, 2010

More photos from LUW Conference

It was a fun conference and our chapter Heritage Writers Guild won numerous awards.

We enjoyed lots of great buffet food for lunch and dinners

My very heavy Journalism portfolio won me a 1st place tie and $50.

Betty won a prize for her original book Bible Stories for Adults Only.

I won 2nd prize plus $75 for my Nature Notes for Kids book

My friend Pat won several awards for her excellent writing.

Betty was chosen Utah Writer of the Year 2010-a well deserved award.

Betty won numerous awards for her prolific writing.

Beth and Marilyn at our booth selling our self published books.

Marilyn taught an informative workshop on self publishing.


  1. Congratulations !Well deserved ! I take this opportunity to congratulate all the gorgeous ladies of the writer's conference--you all are very inspiring.Have a beautiful week ahead.

  2. WOW!! You did great! MOney and everything and so happy you had a full request:))

  3. such a wonderful time with great friends.

  4. Great, great stuff, Lin. Congratulations.

  5. what a talented group of ladies.

  6. Yea for Nature Notes!!!! I hope more people buy this is wonderful Lin...Congrats on your awards....Michelle

  7. what a fabulous night! congratulations on your awards.